Don’t Procrastinate About Going to the Dentist!

Don’t Procrastinate About Going to the Dentist!

Horizon West Understands Dental Anxiety… It’s OK!

When you have dental issues or just need routine care, you may try to put off making an appointment at Horizon West Dental.  Common reasons for procrastination are not having the time or fear of pain.  We’ve all been there, and everyone at Horizon West understands that going to the dentist is not always a fun experience.  We’ll ALWAYS do whatever we can to make you comfortable and at ease.  Dr. Collis, Dr. Hanlon and Dr. Dickey will treat you with the utmost respect and gentle care— they work quickly too!  So you should never worry about going to the dentist with Horizon West Dental.

What happens when you wait?

The small cavity that could have been filled easily has turned into a large cavity. The larger the cavity, the more work required to fill it. However, this is only a minor problem compared to more advanced issues. The minor toothache you are trying to ignore could be a small fracture or an abscess. Small fractures can sometimes be repaired, but if you wait and the fracture increases, you may need to get a crown.  An abscess can be treated in the early stages. Ignoring an abscessed tooth may lead to root damage and the need for a root canal. Infection can spread to other teeth, which multiplies the damage. These treatments will require more of your time than you would have spent taking care of the problem early.

Perhaps you are just putting off a routine cleaning. Even if you brush, rinse, and floss the way you are supposed to, you need a professional cleaning at Five Point Dentistry. Plaque that is left behind hardens into calculus or tartar that you cannot remove by yourself. A build-up of calculus can also lead to gum disease.

Our Goal = Your Comfort

Unfortunately, avoiding appointments due to a lack of time may mean that you have to give up substantially more time later on. You also can experience needless pain from tooth problems.  Here at Horizon West, we understand your needs and will address any of your concerns and questions when you come in for treatment.  And if you’re not ready for something, we’ll try to guide you in the best direction— every time.  That’s our promise to our patients.

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